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Perfectly Imperfect: Meet the tallest 19 year old basketball player and model, Angel Reese.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Welcome to our blog series, Perfectly Imperfect, where we feature our affiliates and get to know more about them. 

Today we're featuring our model/affiliate, Angel Reese. We're showcasing photos from our latest shoot together while getting to know more about Angel. Fun fact, she's 19, and as you can tell she's a star basketball player at UMD. 

Guess her height, and find out if you're right at the end of the blog. No cheating! 

What inspired you to start playing basketball?

"Basketball is something that runs in the family. Everyone in my family has played basketball. I started playing when I was 4. My mom was a coach of a 3rd grade team and I used to get in the drills with the older girls. I tried many different sports but I love basketball the most. My mom is my biggest inspiration because she's a single mother that has taught me not only everything on court but in life as well. My role models that I look up to are A'ja Wilson and Kevin Durant."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

"In 5 years, I see myself in the WNBA and being a model by either having my own clothing line or model for a top clothing, hair, or makeup brand"

What is your proudest accomplishment?

"My proudest accomplishment is being able to use my platform to inspire many different people in many different ways. As a black woman, being able to have a voice that people acknowledge and respect is honestly one of my proudest accomplishments."

What does beauty mean to you?

"Beauty means having your own qualities that make you who you are in a unique way that not only attracts others but makes you confident in yourself."

How has the Imperfect Brand inspired you?  

"Imperfect Brand has inspired me to be who I am without thinking about what other think. Waking up everyday confident and looking myself in the mirror knowing that I am beautiful just the way I am. Imperfect Brand stands for not looking at the other person and just being confident in who you are. I like this brand because I feel like I can be free in clothing without body shaming myself and comparing myself to the next person. I just feel like I can perfect my imperfections. Beauty is found in imperfections."

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed today's blog. Don't forget, YOU could be next! To be featured in our blog you must be an affiliate. All you need to do is go to your affiliate portal and send us a message. Tell us about yourself and why you should be featured. That's all! By the way, the answer is 6'3". Yes, Angel is only 19 years old and 6'3" tall! She said her whole family is tall and her brother Julian Reese, 18, is 6'10". He is also a basketball player at UMD. 

It was such a pleasure working with Angel Reese and featuring her in this blog. We wish Angel a bright and colorful future in which all her dreams come true! Once again, thank you for reading this blog. We would love to hear from you, be sure to leave us a comment below. See you next week! 

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