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Chania's Bundle

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This is a 12 week progression AB focused program that includes step by step instruction by Myron. This program can be executed in a home or a gym setting. This program is for anyone looking to enhance their abdominal muscles and can help the torso area appear flatter and more tone.

Package Includes:
  • 12 weeks of progression AB workouts
  • 30 seconds each exercise
  • Muscles worked: upper abs control lower abs, obliques, overall
How It Works:
  • After purchase you will receive a link to the video database where all of the videos will be hosted. Go step by step for 12 weeks until the program is completed.

What's Included

Opal Tank

This crop hoodie goes with everything! Pair it with our sets and leggings, or anything you have in your closet. It's lightweight, strechy, and comfortable. You can't go wrong with it!

Aquamarine Bodysuit

This black diamond tank is designed to fit your upper body perfectly, not too tight or too loose. There is no sweat stains show after yoga or any other sport. Open cutout longline sports bras for women that provide more coverage, airflow, and support for sprints, lifts, and all things sweaty. 

ImPerfect Leggings

Our favorite Black Diamond Leggings serves as a shape wear and active wear in one. It is designed to improve your yoga/fitness experience but also perfect as an everyday wear. It is stretchy, breathable and comfortable. It's a must have item in your closet.             

A Program For Everyone

Nutrition Plan

Need advice on your diet? "Abs are made in the kitchen," having a healthy diet is crucial to help you reach your fitness goal. 

Our nutritionist, Malak, is here to help you understand your body, and recommend a balanced diet that you get to enjoy and maintain. She's only a phone call away, schedule yours now!

Gym Program

This program encourages you to get stronger week by week! You progress gradually, following the intense exercises vs the modification. 

Sneak Peak

Take a quick look at the structure and moves that you will be receiving in these 12 Weeks.

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